Superstretch shorts 6069

These snug-fitting superstretch shorts let your crotch breathe! Elastic band on the waist lets you fine-tune your adjustments to a T. And no skimping on the reflector department, as per usual! Incredibly durable, yet lightweight and comfortable to wear!

Superstretch shorts 6070

Superstretch shorts for the no-stress & fun summertime activities – for the pub garden or terrace, or as your Sunday best Dimex. Slim fit, but the flexibility of the stretch fabric is the best you could ever hope for! The length is just right for keeping things ventilated, without flashing your thighs in the process.

Superstretch trousers 6068

These trousers won’t feel tight or uncomfortable! Get things done without a hitch in the flexible, lightweight and breathable trousers. The superstretch material feels extremely comfortable, but is durable at the same time. Flexible in every possible direction!  

Safety vest 6740R

Vest with a high-visibility colour is a workman’s best friend. Keep your mobiles, tablets and other valuables safe in the zipper pockets. Elasticated sections on the hem on both sides.

Jacket 60191

A versatile and durable jacket – a must-have for every workman! There are pockets galore, but each one has its designated place and purpose. Reflectors keep you amazing body visible even in the darker conditions. Relaxed fit.

Trousers 6020

Trousers designed for heavy-duty action, with pockets for keeping your knives and tape measures in place. Extension feature for the long-legged workmen!


No chance of flashing that “plumber’s smile” with these craftsman’s trousers on! Reinforced crotch gusset, more relaxed sizing and more the flexible material guarantee an anti-tightness experience.

Long-sleeved t-shirt 4057+

A long-sleeved t-shirt that fits well and looks sharp. Can be worn off-duty too, no problem. The hi-vis colour takes care of your visibility.  

Safety t-shirt 4059+

Are you sick and tired of yellow? Here’s a great option for those whose who prefer orange. The hi-vis qualities are as good as in the yellow safety t-shirt.  

Safety t-shirt 4058+

Whether you are big or small, in this t-shirt you’ll get noticed for sure. Sizes range from S all the way to 6XL.  

T-shirt 4056+

Here is a t-shirt that fits well and stays in good shape – maybe not from father to son, but for a good while nevertheless. Works well as a work t-shirt or for pottering about at the summer cottage.