Dedicated to sustainable development

We’re continuously developing new products, each guided by the dual ethos of functional durability and ethical and responsible production. For us, one does not exist without the other.

Our products also meet multiple Finnish and European safety and sustainable standards and certificates, giving us a unique edge in the global market.

But this isn’t something we do for the accolades. We do it because striving for quality is in the very fabric of our approach; it guides everything we do, from material selection to design and production.


Quality that lasts

We believe that products should not only perform to the highest quality and function but should also stand the test of time. Our workwear is manufactured to last and can be repaired if necessary. This is something we will never compromise on and is a cornerstone of our commitment to sustainability. 

Proud of our heritage

Our company was born in Leppävirta, and we are proud of our roots. We strive to support the local community that we call home, offering employment opportunities for local people and, as a result, increasing wellbeing across the region.

This pride is reflected by our team, and it serves as a daily incentive for every Dimex employee to work hard, strive for better and always exceed customer expectations. Our customers benefit from this every day with our delivery reliability being 98%, and the number of complaints just 0.12%.

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We meet global standards

Every element of our products, including design, production and safety, is guided by the relevant standards, systems and certificates. But we go further than this — we want to ensure the safety not only of our products but our supply chain, too. We have performed amorfi BSCI audits for 40% of the countries classified as ‘risk*’ that we work with. We aim to reach 100% by the end of 2023. 

Our certificates


Dimex is a member of amfori Business Social Compliance Initiatives (BSCI), an initiative that aims to improve the conditions of production plants and facilities worldwide.

We adhere to the BSCI Code of Conduct, which includes 13 principles to make our supply chain as safe and sustainable as possible. These are:

Social Management System and Cascade Effect
Workers Involvement and Protection
The rights of Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining
No Discrimination
Fair Remuneration
Decent Working Hours
Occupational Health and Safety
No Child Labour
Special Protection for Young Workers
No Precarious Employment
No Bonded Labour
Protection of the Environment
Ethical Business Behaviour

*When defining the risk level of a country, we use amfori’s risk country classification, which is based on the World Bank’s World Governance Indicators (WGIs).