Privacy Policy Statement


Dimex Oy (Company)
Business ID: 0477986-7
Kokoojatie 9, FI-79100 LEPPÄVIRTA
phone +358 40 300 4520 (switch)

Contact person for matters relating to the register
Riitta Krogerus,, +358 40 300 4520 (switch)

Registry name
Dimex Oy Customer, Marketing, and Job Application Register

Purpose of processing personal data
We handle your personal data so that we can offer our services, products and job opportunities in the best possible way. The processing of personal data of children under the age of 13 requires the consent of the guardian.

We use the data we collect for the following purposes:

– provision of services, products, and marketing
– customer service and orders
– the development of products and services
– management and processing of job applications

Job application information will be stored for 12 months.

The data content of the register
The following information is stored in the register:

– basic information (name, email address, telephone number, organization)
– information on our website (including cookies)
– your contacts with customer service (including complaints, inquiries)
– information provided by the job seeker himself, such as a curriculum vitae and a job application

Regular sources of information
Data sources for the register are:

information disclosed and provided by the customer himself;
– basic information (name, email address, telephone number, organization)
– contacts with our customer service

information provided by the job seeker himself and other job search information;
– the information provided by the job seeker himself or herself
– the information provided by referrals
– information provided by recruitment consultants

other sources of information;
– Google Analytics
– social media channels
– We can purchase information from third parties that complement customer information (including public records maintained by public authorities)

Cookies and other similar technology
A cookie is a file that your browser saves to the terminal you are using. Cookies include a unique tag that enables to identify visitors to a website. Cookies and data collected through them are used to analyze the use and usability of web pages, improve security and develop the service.

Visitors to web pages can give their consent to the use of cookies, or they can block them in browser settings. If you block or disable cookies, some of the functionality of our web pages may not work. Disabling a cookie or cookie category does not delete the cookie from your browser yet, you must do it yourself through your browser.

For more information about cookies and their management, visit

Statutory deliveries of information

We will not disclose registration information to third parties. Exceptions are;

– authorized third parties who process personal data, to whom data may be disclosed in accordance with applicable law
– information related to the development and reporting of activities, of which individuals are not identifiable

Transfer of data outside the EU or EEA
Data from the registers will not be disclosed outside the EU or EEA.

Principles of protection of the register
We provide the protection of the data in the register with the most appropriate technical and organizational safeguards. We protect our knowledge through various physical and electronic methods as well as personal training and guidance.

However, transferring data over the public network (internet) is never completely safe. While we strive to protect the data in the registry with all reasonable means, we can not guarantee the security of the information you submit to our site, but sending them takes place at the sender’s responsibility. Once we have received the information, we will try to prevent unauthorized access to the registers through our security policies and technical protection.

Inspection and correction right
The registrar has the right to check what information about him or her has been stored in the registers. Upon request, we make the necessary adjustments and supplements to personal data or remove erroneous, unnecessary, incomplete or outdated information for the purpose of processing.

Dimex’s duty is to verify the identity of the data subject so that those requests for information can be answered.