Finland, a land of extremes, is a place where temperatures can reach -30°C in the winter and +30°C in the summer. The contrast between the long, dark winters and the endless days of light in the summer have left a permanent mark on the Finnish mentality. Our ancestors did not settle in the farthest corner of the North due to the conditions, but in spite of them.

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Dimex in a nutshell



Customer focus

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Dimex in a nutshell

The first ever Dimex product, Leppävirran Kuljettajapukine, was created in 1982

The Dimex brand was introduced in the mid-90s

Since 2021, Dimex’s main owner is Sentica Partners

At the same time, the Krogerus family, who founded Dimex, became a minority owner 

In 2022, approximately half a million products were sold worldwide

Quality, responsibility and customer focus drive every aspect of the business

The goal is to be a market leader, to improve occupational safety, and to increase enjoyment in the workplace

Design from Finland logo

Working hard since 1982

For four decades, Dimex has crafted meticulously engineered workwear that not only excels in function but exudes comfort and style too. We guarantee that our workwear doesn’t just get the job done — it works as hard as you do.

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Every stitch on purpose

We craft our workwear to withstand demanding use — nothing is left to chance or coincidence. Every seam, cut, stitch, and contour in our garments and accessories serves a deliberate purpose, enhancing product usability and longevity.

This attention to detail means that our apparel goes far beyond just facilitating tasks; it empowers wearers to excel at every step.

Delivering the highest quality products and service is not just a goal here at Dimex; it forms the unshakable cornerstone of everything we do.

Finally, we are proud of our Leppävirta roots and take the values of our home country everywhere we operate. At the same time, we ensure seamless global operations, transcending national boundaries with ease and reliability.

The work starts with the clothes

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