Women’s stretch trousers 6146

These women’s stretch work trousers offer you the perfect combination of comfort, style and efficiency. Whether it’s the office, a meeting or an active working day, these trousers impress in every situation.

Safety jacket 6134

Here we have a jacket that can be seen, is flexible and can cope with hard work, come rain or shine. It’s even breathable as well as well-fitting. Anything else? Oh yeah, there are so many pockets you could even fit your workmate’s stuff in them (if you wanted to). So, in other words, this […]

Women’s stretch jacket 6144

Well, now you can stop searching, because the jacket of your dreams is here. Its breathability is like that of a natural material, it withstands both rain and shine, and is flexible in four directions. This jacket fits like a glove as it is, but combine it with our popular superstretch trousers and you’ve got […]

Stretch jacket 6135

This jacket is both lightweight and hard-wearing at the same time, and it’s also flexible in every direction. In other words, if you can’t find a good workflow wearing this jacket, it’s not going to happen at all. Oh, and have you noticed that the jacket is a perfect match with our super popular superstretch […]

Safety jacket 6133

This flexible, breathable, water and dirt repellent jacket with handy pockets is all you need on a worksite. Well okay, a pair trousers might be a good idea too, of course, but we’ve got you covered on the trouser-front as well. Actually, a pair of the Dimex superstretch hi-vis trousers would go perfectly with this […]