Women’s multi jacket 2334M

Smart and protective work jacket that is stripped of all the unnecessary gimmicks! The reflectors make sure you will be noticed – although with this jacket on, you’ll get noticed anyways!


Trousers for those who crawl on all fours on a worksite. These protective trousers won’t feel tight in the wrong places, and the reinforced knee-pad pockets help keep your kneecaps in good shape!


Designed for heavy use, this summer jacket is well suited for the factory floor, for example. Like all our Dimex clothes, this jacket will last from one generation to the next!

Multi winter jacket 6004

Don’t freeze your biceps at a worksite! This warm and protective hi-vis winter jacket keeps you nice and toasty in all the right places, and the good adjustments keep the snow at bay.

Multi coverall 6003

No more sand in places it doesn’t belong! This coverall from our summer collection is easy to slip on, whether you are slim or stout. The fabric is made flame-retardant by dipping, so you’re all set for even the wildest adventures!

Multi trousers 6001

With these protective trousers, even the most awkward working positions don’t make your most sensitive areas feel awkward! And the versatile pockets provide room for your most trusted tools.

Multi jacket 6000

A protective hi-vis work jacket is every workman’s best friend. The reflectors and great pockets for all your essential tools make work a pleasure!

Multi winter bib & brace overall 6005

Uncompromising safety wear – this multi bib & brace overall brings some style onto the worksite! The non-tight overall provides workmen the best fit there is out on the market.