When it’s so cold that your beard starts to get frosty, it’s time to dig out your winter trousers from the back of the wardrobe. These Dimex winter trousers are warm, and the waist that is higher on the back is great for keeping the snow out.

Multi shell trousers 6115

With these shell pants on, you won’t get wet even in heavy rain. Thanks to the elevated waist of the Multi-shell pants, bending down is also perfectly manageable. Shapely folds at the knees provide room and ensure a comfortable fit.

Multi shell jacket 6116

Even if the weather in Finland tries to discourage you, Dimex’s waterproof and windproof multi shell jacket will keep you dry. You can protect tools, accessories and valuables in the many pockets of the shell jacket. The detachable hood and hem have good adjustments, so comfort is not compromised either.

Rain coat 18121

It’s raining cats and dogs, but there’s work to be done. And a real man or a woman is not afraid of a few drops – especially when they’re wearing proper raingear. This waterproof raincoat has taped seams, mesh lining and ventilation openings. Here’s a raincoat loved by the hardest working dudes or dudettes.