DimexAttitude-trousers 3.0 60601

Next-generation Dimexattitude trousers made of sturdier stretch material and with recycled fabrics. These trousers are designed to last. The leg length can be extended or shortened by 5 cm.

Sweatpants 4420+

Even if the country roads won’t take you home, change into these comfy sweatpants whenever you want to relax and take it easy. Top-notch material keeps its shape well – guaranteed Dimex quality.

Sweatshirt 4419+

A great-looking sweatshirt for work or leisure. For when you want to let people know that you’re a cool guy who gets things done without a hassle.

Hoodie 4365+

This sharp-looking hoodie has got that modest edge. Reflective stripes on one of the shoulders guarantee you’ll be visible even in pitch-black darkness. The most comfortable hoodie out there.  


When you’re working in slightly colder conditions, put on these thick merino wool socks and your feet will stay warm. The comfortable socks fit well and won’t rub or chafe.

Long sleeve T-shirt 4362+

A good-looking long-sleeved basic shirt with a slightly slimmer fit. The stripe prints on the right shoulder give the shirt a sharp look. With this shirt you look like a bad-a** working dude.