Winter Jacket 695

Let it snow and be freezing outside. Nothing can faze you, when you’re wearing this amazing winter jacket. It is well-fitting, with an adjustment cord at the waist. This jacket has pockets for essential things like an ID card, for example, or even your work gloves. Thanks to the jacket’s high visibility colour and reflectors, […]

Shell jacket 6066R

A shell jacket perfectly suited for Finnish weather, keeping water and gusts at bay. On the inside, there’s a tablet pocket, and the mesh lining on the back and front keeps moisture away from where it should. The detachable hood is large enough to be used with a safety helmet.

Shell Jacket 6066Y

This shell jacket is perfect for protecting you from the wind and rain. Inside pocket for a tablet, and mesh lining on the back and front for keeping moisture away from all the right places. The detachable hood is big enough to be worn with a hard hat.

Winter jacket 6059R

A snug and warm hi-vis winter jacket perfect for any kind of weather. This windproof and water-resistant jacket will see you through autumn, sleet and frost. And it’s stylish as h*ll too! 

Safety winter jacket 6059Y

A durable no-nonsense jacket is a workman’s best friend! This warm and well-fitting hi-vis winter jacket is perfect for every occasion. Beats sleet, slush and the freezing cold hands down. Slim-fit style.