The new
Dimex brand

We believe that our customers deserve nothing but the best. Our new brand is a visual signifier of this commitment — it is as strong, recognisable, and reliable as the products we create.

Delivering the highest quality products and service is not just an aspiration for us, but the unwavering foundation for everything that we do.

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Every stitch on purpose



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Every stitch on purpose

We craft our workwear to withstand demanding use — nothing is left to chance or coincidence. Every seam, cut, stitch, and contour in our garments and accessories serves a deliberate purpose, enhancing product usability and longevity.

This attention to detail means that our apparel goes far beyond just facilitating tasks; it empowers wearers to excel at every step.

Since 1982, Dimex has crafted meticulously engineered workwear that not only excels in function but exudes comfort and style. We guarantee that our workwear doesn’t just get the job done — it works as hard as you do.

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Simple is beautiful, so we have grouped our product range to make finding what you need as easy as possible.

You can find all our products under four categories:

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