TAT Multi winter jacket 6405

This sharp work jacket won’t let you freeze in the cold, and the zippered pockets keep your belongings secure even during fast-paced activities. Reflectors all around ensure visibility – and there’s no doubt that this jacket is worth showing off!

TAT Multi coverall 6404

A trusty coverall with all you need and nothing more. There are pockets on the front and back, and plenty of reflectors to ensure you are the most visible and above all, the best-dressed of the site. Relaxed fit.

Winter coverall 6039R

In Dimex’s coverall, you’ll manage even if you’re facing icy cold polar night. The adjustable and detachable hood, along with the moisture protection on the lower leg, keep you warm from head to toe. Generous sizing.

Women’s winter jacket 6114

Made of wind and waterproof material, this women’s winter jacket holds the wind chill at bay. The jacket also fits like a glove, with the design perfected by modifications made to the placement and shape of the forming seams. There is also a little more room in the bust, so the jacket keeps you feeling […]


With this practical coverall, you’re literally covered – even in the toughest places. Relaxed fit and a wide range of sizes. This coverall will protect you even in the typical Finnish Midsummer weather (which is often pretty chilly).

Winter coverall 6117

You won’t be freezing you’re a** off in this coverall! Waterproof, warm and comfortable winter coverall keeps you nice and toasty whether you’re working or ice-fishing. The snow-locks keep your socks dry and the excellent pockets keep your valuables safe.

Shell jacket 6104

It’s not really summer, but not winter either… It’s raining sleet or some other unrecognisable stuff, and the mood is as gloomy as the weather – so wearing this relaxed-fit waterproof shell jacket as your top layer is a must.

Winter trousers 6037

These relaxed-fit, non-tight winter trousers have everything you need, with no unnecessary gimmicks. The adjustable and higher waist makes room for even the more heavyset behinds.

Winter jacket 60211

A relaxed-fit multi-purpose winter jacket for both everyday use and special occasions. The detachable hood provides extra protection from the elements – so bring it on, let it snow!