DimexAttitude-trousers 3.0 60601

Next-generation Dimexattitude trousers made of sturdier stretch material and with recycled fabrics. These trousers are designed to last. The leg length can be extended or shortened by 5 cm.

Craftsman’s trousers 6042

Black craftsman’s trousers, guaranteed not to feel too tight. A stellar choice for the assembly line! Cordura reinforced pockets, so you’ll be able to keep even the heavier tools within easy reach! Suitable for industrial wash.

Knee pads 4297+

Keep your knees in good shape, by protecting them too. On all fours the entire day – piece of cake! The Dimex knee pads give you support even when working in the most extreme positions. Just give it a try!

Trousers 6340

These protective trousers can fit bottoms of any shape or size. And the black colour keeps dirt away.