Superstretch trousers, D-size 6068X

Flex to the max! Superstrech trousers with D-sizing for the more heavyset workmen. The material breaths in sync with you, and all you can do is just enjoy the feeling! Shorter trouser legs.

Winter bib & brace overall 619

In these winter bib & brace overalls the pockets are in just the right places, so you’ll never misplace your tape measure. The overall is also available in sizes for the more generous body shapes!  

Winter jacket 6350

The Dimex winter jacket has all the ingredients for becoming an all-time favourite! The relaxed-fit jacket doesn’t feel tight in any shape or form, and the high collar protects from icy-cold winds.

Jacket 6330

A multi-purpose jacket with great adjustability and versatile pockets. Whether you are short or tall, this Dimex classic is a perfect fit for you!