Safety jacket 6134

Here we have a jacket that can be seen, is flexible and can cope with hard work, come rain or shine. It’s even breathable as well as well-fitting. Anything else? Oh yeah, there are so many pockets you could even fit your workmate’s stuff in them (if you wanted to). So, in other words, this […]

Safety jacket 6133

This flexible, breathable, water and dirt repellent jacket with handy pockets is all you need on a worksite. Well okay, a pair trousers might be a good idea too, of course, but we’ve got you covered on the trouser-front as well. Actually, a pair of the Dimex superstretch hi-vis trousers would go perfectly with this […]

TAT Multi craftsman’s trousers 6410

The pockets and tool loops of these hanging pocket pants fulfill even the most demanding worker’s wishes. Belt loops keep the belt securely in place, and the knee pad pockets make it easy to slip in the pads in no time. Crawling close to the floor won’t be much of a hassle!

TAT Multi winter jacket 6405

This sharp work jacket won’t let you freeze in the cold, and the zippered pockets keep your belongings secure even during fast-paced activities. Reflectors all around ensure visibility – and there’s no doubt that this jacket is worth showing off!