Multi shell trousers 6115

With these shell pants on, you won’t get wet even in heavy rain. Thanks to the elevated waist of the Multi-shell pants, bending down is also perfectly manageable. Shapely folds at the knees provide room and ensure a comfortable fit.

Multi shell jacket 6116

Even if the weather in Finland tries to discourage you, Dimex’s waterproof and windproof multi shell jacket will keep you dry. You can protect tools, accessories and valuables in the many pockets of the shell jacket. The detachable hood and hem have good adjustments, so comfort is not compromised either.

Overall 5352

This coverall is good for even some hotter work. Thanks to the flame-retardant fabric, it doesn’t matter if sparks sometimes fly and molten metal splashes. So, get your coveralls on and start welding!

Overall 646

Plastering is a messy job and sparks fly when you’re welding, but a workman wearing the Dimex hot work coverall is totally unfazed. The fabric is flame-retardant, which means the garment is self-extinguishing. However, don’t fancy yourself as a fireman in these coveralls (even if it was your childhood dream), as the fabric is not […]

Trousers 645

A workman has to keep good care of his sensitive areas. These trousers will protect your privates even when you’re busy doing hot work. The fabric is flame-retardant, which means the garment is self-extinguishing.

Jacket 644

Here is a jacket that will protect you, even if there’s sparks flying at work every once in a while, or if your workmate is a rather hot. This flame-retardant jacket is designed for hot work, which means it is self-extinguishing. However, bear in mind that the jacket won’t turn you into a fireman, as […]