Dimex is a Finnish family business that produces durable, high-quality workwear.

Dimex has designed and manufactured workwear for demanding conditions since 1982. Our selection includes clothing suitable for industries from construction to freight services. Our priority is to design work clothing that makes everyday life easier, more comfortable and safer.

Our work is based on consistent collaboration with the people who use our clothing. We take our customers’ and distributors’ wishes and needs into account as they provide us with valuable information on our areas of development. In our years of operation we have become familiar with various types of working sites and workers.

We take pride in the work we do and ensure that the end result is of the highest possible quality. We consider our work to be a success when an employee can put on their Dimex clothing and focus on taking pride in their own skills.

In 2018, we delivered 410,000 pieces of clothing in Europe, which was our new record. Our revenue grew to 16 million euros.

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